Reg Gate Announces ANTS Profiler 4

Reg Gate Announces ANTS Profiler 4

ANTS Profiler 4 from Red Gate offers performance profiling, providing real-time analysis with an interactive timeline that gives developers a complete picture of performance within any region of code.

 ANTS Profiler 4 enables developers to profile .NET applications in one step: Simply enter settings (application to profile, profiling mode, timing display, etc.) and click the start profiling button.

 ANTS Profiler 4 marks the end of the static performance snapshot. The new timeline feature enables developers to analyze results between any two points in real time. Click and drag over a region of activity on the timeline and the tree view below automatically expands to show the worst-performing code within the region.

 Information, a walkthrough, and a fully functional 14-day trial download of ANTS Profiler 4 are available at


Red Gate Software

Price: Standard version, US$395; Pro version, US$595

Web Site:


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