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Red Gate Software Releases ANTS <concept>

Red Gate Software Releases ANTS

  Red Gate Software Ltd. announced the first of their suite of products that make up the Advanced .NET Testing System (ANTS).


  The ANTS suite is used for the complete life-cycle testing of XML Web Services, .NET Web Applications, and conventional Web sites. ANTS is used for proof-of-concept testing for companies experimenting with XML Web Services, Web applications, and sites written in Visual Studio .NET.

  ANTS features the ability to understand the capacity and response times of your new .NET Web services so you can load test up to 100 virtual users for testing architecture and designs, and recordable scripts for automated testing.


  ANTS is the first in a suite of applications that will include ANTS for regression testing during development, ANTS for large scale load testing, ANTS for detailed understanding of the data, ANTS for monitoring the live service or application, and more.

  ANTS is written entirely in Visual Studio .NET; Visual Basic .NET is the scripting language.


Red Gate Software Ltd.

Price: US$2,500

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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