QA Wizard Pro 2007 Set to Launch

QA Wizard Pro 2007 Set to Launch

Seapine Software announced it will soon release a new version of its QA Wizard automated software testing tool. Called QA Wizard Pro 2007, it will be shipped to all existing QA Wizard customers under maintenance as a part of their software support contract.

 Software quality is critical to organizations that write programs for sale, for use internally, or on a Web site, or as on-board logic for devices. Managers responsible for quality, customer satisfaction, market share, and risk management realize the tremendous costs associated with poor quality software getting into the hands of users. QA Wizard Pro 2007 was designed to make it easy for companies to test more of an application, test it more thoroughly, and test it faster than ever before, giving an organization a high degree of confidence in the application when it is made available to users and customers.

 Other features of QA Wizard Pro 2007 include a global application repository for ease of maintenance, support for remotely running scripts, script editing in both grid view and text view, and support of Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

 QA Wizard Pro 2007 is one tool in Seapine Software s suite of software application lifecycle management solutions. Other tools in the suite include Surround SCM for software configuration management and version control, TestTrack Pro for defect and issue tracking, and TestTrack TCM for test case management.


Global organizations are successfully using Seapine s tools to:

  • Provide real-time, secure access to source code files and issues while enabling parallel development, facilitating team communication, managing processes and tools used to create repeatable builds, and ensuring configuration changes are tracked.
  • Track and prioritize tasks, issues, and work items while streamlining communications and meeting critical compliance and policy requirements.
  • Automate functional and regression testing while tracking development-related defects and controlling changes to test scripts.


Seapine s ALM products generate metrics-rich, customizable management reports, and enable compliance with internal and external management controls. Seapine s tools enable a variety of popular software development methodologies and help managers implement and enforce industry-recognized software engineering best practices.

 Seapine s ALM tools are available as individual solutions and integrated suites, such as Seapine CM for complete change management, TestTrack Studio for software test planning and tracking, and Seapine SQA for end-to-end quality assurance.


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