A Preview of Active Server Pages +



A Preview of Active Server Pages +

A Preview of Active Server Pages + was published in the summer of 2000 to coincide with Microsoft s release of the beta 1 bits of the .NET Framework, VB.NET, ASP+, C#, etc. Despite the intervening months, it is still applicable.


This book is not about Visual Studio .NET. It explains the individual technology components that VS wraps in its appealing interface. This is reminiscent of the way many gave up on working with VS6 for straight ASP scripting. A good text editor took the place of VS or Visual InterDev.


I ve read A Preview of Active Server Pages + many times. It is the first solid glimpse into the new programming technology. You don t need Visual Studio in order to program with .NET or to benefit from this book. All you need is the .NET Framework and Microsoft Notepad (if you like). This book illustrates the necessary pieces of ASP.NET Web sites. It explains how VB.NET (and C#) is used to write Web pages that separate code logic from presentation HTML. It has great details on the new Web controls that ship with ASP.NET. Special attention is paid to configuring a site under .NET through the use of the config.web file. There is also a world of error handling, tracing, and input validation for the programmer. It s an easy read with examples from simple database access to an entire sample e-commerce site.


This is the one book that I recommend to anyone who wants to get started with ASP.NET. There will be others, but this one was first!


Thomas Wagner


A Preview of Active Server Pages + by Richard Anderson, Alex Homer, Rob Howard, and Dave Sussman, Wrox Press Ltd., http://www.wrox.com.



ISBN: 1-861004-75-3

Cover Price: US$34.99

(361 pages)


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