Presenting C#

C#, Microsoft's new and exciting programming language, is intended to be a straightforward language that sits atop the Common Language Runtime (CLR) found in .NET. It was designed from the ground up for simplicity and productivity.


As far as I know, Presenting C# was the first book on the market to cover this new language. As a high-level overview of the syntax of C#, this book is unlike many other programming publications in that it lacks examples. Considering when it was published, this makes sense, but if you want examples, other books may be of more interest to you.


Presenting C# covers most of the syntax ground rules, such as C# types, classes, control statements, exception handling, deployment, and even a short treatment of COM vs. NET. Granted, you can find the same information on Microsoft's Web site, but it's not presented as cohesively. Presenting C# is well organized and well written by an experienced programmer/author. I recommend it as an introductory "quick read."


- Thomas Wagner


Presenting C# by Christoph Wille, SAMS Publishing,



ISBN: 0-672-32037-1

Cover Price: US$25

(204 pages)



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