Play Ball!


By David Riggs


One of my favorite phrases this time of year is pitchers and catchers report. To some that may not make any sense, but to me it signals the start of spring training and another season of baseball. For me there is no better way to relax than to watch baseball; what could be better than sitting in the sun sipping a cold beverage, eating sunflower seeds, and watching the grace and finesse of a 5-4-3 double play or the anguish suffered by a pitcher after giving up a dinger? Maybe it s relaxing to me because the game is not regulated or confined by a clock. Maybe it s the pastoral setting. Maybe it s because it s the first organized sport I ever played, and like so many other kids had dreams of making it to the show.


Maybe it s the history and tradition. After all, baseball is an institution (isn t it?). Wrigley Field in Chicago is my venue of choice; attend a game there and you feel as if you ve stepped back in time. But the Friendly Confines makes for a tough commute, so I get my fix by watching the local university team (UC Davis Aggies), the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland A s (the River Cats), and the San Francisco Giants (kudos on building a beautiful ballpark). I also watch as many Atlanta Braves games as I can (blame it on cable TV).


You re probably wondering how I m going to segue from baseball into ASP.NET development. Here s the thing; midway through every season, Major League Baseball hosts their All-Star Game. This year it s in Pittsburgh. The All-Star Game provides a chance for the fans to select the players who are performing the best at their respective positions. Sure, sometimes it turns into a popularity contest, but for the most part, the fans do a good job of selecting the best players.


Just like the annual baseball All-Star Game, here at asp.netPRO we give our readers the chance to select their favorite products every year. This issue of asp.netPRO kicks off our annual Readers Choice Awards balloting. This is your chance to show the companies whose products you use most often your appreciation and recognition for a job well done. Between March 9 and April 2, visit http://www.aspnetPRO.com/readerschoice and take a few minutes to vote for the products and services that make your ASP.NET development easier, more efficient, more profitable, and even more fun. This is your chance to acknowledge those all-stars who provide products and services that make you more productive.


After the polls close we ll tally the votes and let you know who won (the winners will be recognized in the June issue of asp.netPRO). Winners get bragging rights for a year, as well as the use of the asp.netPRO Readers Choice logo on their Web sites and promotional materials. Being able to say your company is the choice of professional ASP.NET developers is no trivial matter. For many companies this honor validates their work and justifies the long hours spent developing, testing, and marketing their products.


There are many exceptionally talented people in this industry; consider all the candidates thoughtfully and thoroughly, and let your voice be heard.


Go vote. Go Braves. Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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