Peter’s Date Package v2 Ships

Peter s Date Package v2 Ships announced the availability of Peter s Date Package v2. This updated version provides 24 date and time entry controls for ASP.NET developers.

 Peter s Date Package v2 now includes a multiple-selection calendar control, and it allows you to show multiple months on a calendar. It also now provides formatters to fill in date cells, and the DateTextBox allows long date format entry. Calendars can pop up a window detailing the contents of a date, including a list of events on that date, and TimeOfDayTextBox and DurationTextBox now offer a popup timepicker to help the user pick from a list of recommended times. Using the new UnselectableTimesValidator, you can restrict the user to picking only from the times in the TimePicker. Peter s Date Package v2 also supports AJAX frameworks, like Atlas and telerik s radAJAX.

 Visit to learn more.

Price: Web Server License, US$90 per server; Site License, US$450; Redistribution License, US$900

Web Site:


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