Peter Blum Offers DES Dynamic Data

Peter Blum Offers DES Dynamic Data

ASP.NET Dynamic Data is a technology from Microsoft that expands the toolset of ASP.NET. Use it to build data entry Web forms that interact with a database or classes that resemble a database.


Dynamic Data is designed to solve a few specific problems:

  • Allow database-tier objects to describe the attributes of a column, such as validation rules and column name. The user interface no longer needs to determine the right data entry control or validators. Instead, smart Web controls gather and format those controls for you. They also supply two-way databinding.
  • Quickly create an application that can browse and edit your database by building scaffolding that reflects the columns on a table into controls like GridView and DetailsView.
  • Quickly set up a feature rich GridView, DetailsView, ListView, or FormView. Even though it s obvious for prototyping, ASP.NET Dynamic Data is intended for real-world applications.


ASP.NET Dynamic Data does much of its work through FieldTemplates. These are UserControls containing the controls associated with a specific data type (like integer or string) and mode (readonly, edit, or insert). FieldTemplates designed for edit and insert mode provide data entry controls and associated validators. Peter s Data Entry Suite has data entry controls, like IntegerTextBox and DateTextBox, as well as a validation framework. It provides FieldTemplates with these features in its support for ASP.NET Dynamic Data, called DES Dynamic Data.

 DES Dynamic Data also expands the capabilities of key Dynamic Data classes like FieldTemplateUserControl, FieldTemplateFactory, and DynamicDataManager. It enhances the ValidationAttribute, UIHintAttribute, and many other attributes. It even introduces a new attribute, DependencyAttribute. Plus, it makes customization easier, reducing the need to create FieldTemplates and the PageTemplates that go in the CustomPages folder.

 DES Dynamic Data is a module of Peter s Data Entry Suite. But it s sold differently. Unlike the other modules, which require their own licenses, DES Dynamic Data uses the licenses you have for those other modules. It requires that you have a license for the Suite, or for these modules: Peter s Professional Validation, Peter s More Validators, Peter s TextBoxes, and Peter s Date and Time. You are also recommended to have Peter s Interactive Pages.

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