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Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 Announced

Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 Announced

Parasoft released Parasoft SOAtest 4.5, its automated software test, analysis, and development governance solution for Web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations. The new release provides infrastructure and governance to the development of Web services, including enhanced SOA development governance, broad test management support, and new automated testing of BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) and BPEL-based processes.

 As organizations extend their development and deployment of Web services, it becomes critical to the interoperability, extensibility, and future reusability of those services that they are developed on a common set of standards and shared guidelines. Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 allows organizations to establish, enforce, and practice SOA development governance during the development and QA processes.

 Parasoft SOAtest provides out-of-the-box validation of compliance with WS-I, W3C, OASIS, and a range of WS-* standards, along with best practices for security, maintainability, and reusability. Rules to enforce custom corporate policies and standards can be developed with the Parasoft SOAtest RuleWizard, which provides the means to enforce all Web services development policies and practices.

 In addition to development governance, the new Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 delivers extended test management capabilities to allow groups of test assets to be managed and scheduled for automated execution to support regression testing and general reuse and retesting of services over the lifecycle of their use. In addition to its own test management capabilities, Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 provides direct integration with Mercury Test Director and IBM Rational TestManager. Now users of those test-management platforms can integrate, manage, and orchestrate execution of Parasoft SOAtest-generated test assets within the quality lifecycles supported by those platforms. An enhanced command line interface allows Parasoft SOAtest to be integrated with and invoked by automated build managers, such as Ant or Cruise Control, or from within in-house developed test frameworks.

 Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 also provides the ability to test BPEL implementations, automatically creating test cases from vendor-specific BPEL deployment artifacts and allowing users to arrange these test cases into suites that reflect different aspects of testing a BPEL process. Tests generated fall into four categories: BPEL semantic tests, WSDL tests, BPEL process tests, and BPEL Partner tests. Organizations using BPEL to optimize and emulate complex business processes can now more reliably and consistently ensure the quality and completeness of these processes.

 Parasoft SOAtest is a comprehensive, collaborative test and analysis tool suite designed specifically for test and validation of Web services. Parasoft SOAtest automates all the necessary practices that allow verification of all aspects of a Web service, including four-tier WSDL validation, unit and functional testing of the client, unit and functional testing of the server, performance testing, and the ability to graphically model and test complex, multi-layered transaction scenarios, and use cases.

 Parasoft SOAtest 4.5 is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, and Solaris.


Parasoft Corp.

Price: Starts at US$3,995

Web Site:


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