Parasoft Announces Support for Multiple Registries

Parasoft Announces Support for Multiple Registries

Parasoft announced native support for multiple commercialregistries with Parasoft?s SOA Quality Solution. This integration enables teamsto automatically execute a quality workflow and correlate quality data incontext of an SOA Governance initiative. Parasoft?s SOA Quality Solution allowsteams to automatically extract the information needed to create tests fordesign and development policies, such as standards, compliance, security, andbest practices for Web services assets as they are defined in a registry. Teamscan select a service asset and verify the associated policies, thereby ensuringinteroperability and consistency.

 Parasoft solutionsprovide a foundation for producing solid functional components by exposingstructural errors and preventing entire classes of errors. Teams will bealerted when modifications impact the application, reducing the risk of change.Parasoft?s SOA solution provides an automated infrastructure that enablesquality as a continuous process, allowing teams to reap the full benefits ofyour SOA initiative.

 Users of servicesregistries benefit from Parasoft?s SOA Quality Solution support for standards.The Parasoft SOA Quality Solution is capable of querying any UDDI registry fromvendors such as IBM, HP, and Microsoft.Furthermore, Parasoft has created an even tighter integration with BEA?sAquaLogic Enterprise Repository (ALER) and Software AG?s CentraSite technology.This enables teams to automatically generate functional test cases and WSDLverification tests at the time the services are published to the registry toensure WSDLs are compliant to best practice and organizational policies.

 Visit formore information about Parasoft SOA Quality Solution.


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