Original Software Introduces TestDrive-Assist

Original Software Introduces TestDrive-Assist

TestDrive-Assist from Original Software offers a Crawl, Walk, Run solution strategy to address testing needs.

 TestDrive-Assist is a key element of the Crawl in the Crawl, Walk, Run approach, and offers a totally new concept in testing in that it delivers active support for manual testing in a non-intrusive way, without forcing testers to change the way they work. When manually testing Web-based, GUI, or legacy IBM iSeries green-screen applications, TestDrive-Assist guides you through a list of the steps necessary to properly and thoroughly test applications. Then it monitors and records your progress and documents all your test results. Because TestDrive-Assist provides a full history of all the test steps taken, it is easier to recreate and isolate defects in software, thus speeding the time to resolution. Furthermore, documented test results can serve the growing number of audit and compliance requirements that businesses face. To improve workflow in the IT department, all results can be accessed and viewed by other team members and any problems simply re-created.

 TestDrive-Assist requires minimal training, and is an ideal entry-level product for those testers who may not yet need full automation but want some way of capturing their work and findings to improve their time to market.

 As comfort or requirement levels grow, you can seamlessly incorporate extra automation by utilizing more of the TestDrive solution offered by Original Software, thus providing a first step on the ladder to full automation.


Original Software

Price: Contact Original Software

Web Site: http://www.origsoft.com


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