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Mono Software Releases MonoX Portal Engine

Mono Software Releases MonoX Portal Engine

Mono Software announced the 1.0 release of MonoX PortalEngine, a .NET application framework for rapid development of interactive Websites and portals. MonoX Portal Engine features a unique WYSIWYG browser-based userinterface that allows for intuitive drag-and-drop portal design.

 MonoX Portal Enginecomes with 20 core portal modules and a complete infrastructure that allows.NET developers to customize the functionality of their portals. MonoX Portal Enginesupports module-level caching, personalization, multiple positioning modes,portal networks, Web synchronization, and similar enterprise-level features.

 Key featuresinclude: management of unlimited number of portals from the samecodebase/database and the same control panel; custom definitions of thestructure and hierarchy of MonoX portal(s); custom layouts for each MonoXportal page; complete modularity; drag-and-drop page design; unlimited numberof module instances; interactive administration of page/module properties usinga point-and-click interface; support for the development of new modulesbuilding on existing functionality or developing modules from scratch; fullsecurity hierarchy with page-/module-level permissions; support for WYSIWYGcontent management; and more.

 MonoX is alsoavailable as a hosted service. All Mono Software products are available forunlimited free trial.


Mono Software LLC

Price: Startsat US$400

Web Site:


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