Mono Software Releases Mono ShellControls

Mono Software Releases Mono ShellControls

Mono Software announced the 1.0 release of Mono ShellControls, an ASP.NET control pack for building Web-based file manager applications. This control pack consists of three ASP.NET controls: FileExplorer, FileUpload, and DirectoryTreeView.

   Mono ShellControls allows users to manage their files and folders remotely using only a standard browser. Mono ShellControls allows for directory browsing, in-place image display, or file downloading functionality. It can be used for the creation of custom directory browser or graphical file system navigation utilities. Visit the Mono Software Web site for complete details.

 All Mono Software products are available for unlimited free trial.


Mono Software LLC

Price: Single developer, US$190; site license, US$890 (includes source).

Web Site:


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