Mono Software Releases Mono Pager

Mono Software Releases Mono Pager

Mono Software announced Mono Pager, a templated ASP.NET control that provides universal paging functionality for any kind of control with a bindable data source.

 Using Mono Pager, users can design their own customized pager html via PagerTemplate. Mono Pager completely handles the paging logic, separating it from other design/development issues. Mono Pager can page Repeater, DataList, DataGrid, and any control with a bindable DataSource property. Mono Pager requires no code-behind (users can set all the necessary properties through the VS.NET designer or via the control tag in the .aspx or the .ascx).

 See the Mono Software Web site for complete details. All Mono Software products are available for unlimited free trial.


Mono Software LLC

Price: Single developer, US$99; site license (includes C# source), US$490.

Web Site:


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