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Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step



Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step

With the release of the long awaited Visual Studio 2005 came a flood of marketing by Microsoft and its partners on the unprecedented levels of productivity gained as a direct result of using this latest incarnation of Microsoft s premier development environment. The awareness raised by this effort will no doubt bring to the Visual Studio IDE nascent programmers seeking a faster, easier way to get things done. It will also provide an opportunity for those Visual Basic developers who have been saying to themselves for the past few years they would learn C# when the .NET 2.0 Framework was official. Well, it s official.


Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step is ideally suited for individuals seeking to learn object-oriented programming using C#, as well as those VB ers who are ready to take the plunge into the syntactically different C# domain. The book assumes a baseline of some rudimentary understanding of application development, but even this requirement isn t entirely necessary. Starting with the obligatory Hello, World output via both a console and Windows environment, the book gently ramps up to cover such syntax basics as variable declarations, decision statements, and error handling. Part II teaches OOP concepts with the creation and management of classes, enumerations, structures, arrays, inheritance, and garbage collection. Part III puts this fresh knowledge to work by creating components, using indexers, delegation, generics, and operator overloading. Part IV is all about building Windows Forms-based applications. Part V covers databases, and the last part of the book teaches how to construct Web applications and services via ASP.NET.


Each chapter concludes with a much appreciated quick reference review of the key facets that were taught. It would have been an extra nice touch to have the most important of these summarized on a laminated tear-out card or a PDF print out of such from the enclosed CD-ROM, but the chapter summaries are well received, nonetheless. Also lacking was an installation option for the .NET 2.0 Framework SDK or a Visual Studio demo, but this is understandable, given the book s release prior to the final release of the SDK and shipping VS product. This disappointing omission is amplified by the fact that less than 10 megabytes of data (consisting primarily of the setup program that installs the code samples on the target computer) actually reside on the CD. At that rate, I would have preferred to download the file from Microsoft Press Web site, skip the CD, and put that savings toward lowering the book s cover price. Potential readers should also be aware that this book about Visual C# isn t so much about Visual as it is about C#. Visual Studio 2005 makes a few cameo appearances, but this book spotlights the C# language, not the VS IDE that hosts it. As such, readers seeking to learn C# and all there is to know about living within the Visual Studio environment will need to purchase additional books to learn about this topic.


This Step by Step book is author John Sharp s third revision of this introduction to the C# programming language. Consequently, first time readers will benefit from a refined 3.0 version that already was on solid ground with the first two releases. This iterative refinement has brought a cleaner presentation while including excellent descriptions of the new features found in the C# language. In fact, Mr. Sharp s explanation on generics is one of the clearest, easiest to understand explanations I ve read. His Note and Tip boxes found throughout the book are extremely helpful and provide practical experience pointers for both new and intermediate developers.


Overall, I recommend this book to any aspiring programmers seeking to learn the latest incarnation of C#, as well as those VB developers ready to take the plunge to find out why hard-core Microsoft developers write their programs using the C# programming language.


Mike Riley



Title: Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step

Author: John Sharp

Publisher: Microsoft Press

ISBN: 0-7356-2129-2

Book Web Site:

Price: US$39.99

Page Count: 592



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