Microsoft hosts healthcare app contest

Microsoft hosts healthcare app contest

Microsoft has launched an app contest for developers and any software hobbyists interested in creating apps for the Windows Phone 7.

Hobbyists might be more likely to participate, given that the top prize (to be awarded to 10 entries) is an Xbox 360 console (with Kinect). Still, the rules allow teams of up to three developers to submit their app creation. The contest runs until June 6.

The move is clearly a push by Microsoft to get more developer attention focused on the Windows Phone 7, and to get more attention paid to the still-developing healthcare sector. The company’s promotion of the contents encourages developers to consider an extremely broad range of applications, ranging from simple end-user services (pedometers, calorie counters and medication reminders, to name a few) to apps like e-prescription tools that would help further mobilize the patient care experience for doctors.

Through promotion of the contest, Microsoft is also promoting how platforms like Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight and Expression Blend translate to Windows Phone 7 development so apps can be developed quickly.

The market for healthcare apps has taken root more slowly than other sectors, but developers take note: A recent study by Kalorama Information forecasts that the spend on apps in the healthcare segment will more than double in 2010, reaching $84.1 million. 





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