Korzh.Com Releases NewsPiper 3.0

Korzh.Com Releases NewsPiper 3.0

NewsPiper scans selected Web sites for news stories and loads RSS feeds of choice. Supplementing the typical news-getter software, NewsPiper features News Bar, which always stays on top and shows on your desktop the headlines of the latest stories. The program also offers news tickers for the selected channels. This approach allows users to quickly scan through the news and choose the items worth reading.

 NewsPiper works well with non-English news sources. In addition, the program features its own news recognition engine. After users select a key word or a key phrase, the program can filter through all news and deliver only the items that fit the search criteria.

 NewsPiper offers custom development services. Any corporation can get a special version of the application that will inform employees and partners of the latest company news. A custom version can feature a uniform set of news sources selected by the customer that employees won t be able to alter. This option works well for financial and news organizations that must stay on top of the latest news.

 NewsPiper 3.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version can be used for 30 days and is available at the company s Web site.



Price: See Web site.

Web Site: http://www.korzh.com


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