JetBrains Offers Beta Version of New Bug and Issue Tracker

JetBrains Offers Beta Version of New Bug and Issue Tracker

JetBrains, a creator of intelligent, productivity-enhancing development tools, announced the release of YouTrack 1.0 Beta, the company's new bug and issue tracking system. Inspired to reduce the amount of time developers spend on issue tracking, JetBrains designed a web-based, keyboard-centric issue tracker to help its own developers as well as other development teams process bugs and requests faster and more easily.

"As developers and users of our own products, we'd grown unhappy with how long it took to report and process bugs with existing issue-tracking systems," said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack team lead. "We set out to change that and ended up with a fast, intuitive tool that's friendly to both developers and casual bug reporters."

YouTrack offers these key features:

         bug reporting with a single shortcut from anywhere within the product

         query-based search with auto-completion and highlighting

         intuitive commands to quickly execute batch operations on selected issues

         natural-language like query and command syntax

         extensive keyboard support for creating, editing, and navigating between issues easily

         AJAX-based UI for fast issue handling

The public release of YouTrack 1.0 is scheduled for late 2009. You can find out more about YouTrack 1.0 Beta and download it at

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