Iron Speed Designer Version 5.0 Released

Iron Speed Designer Version 5.0 Released

Iron Speed has released Iron Speed Designer Version 5.0, the latest version of its application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates interactive data entry and reporting Web applications for .NET. New features, such as PDF report generation, data export to Excel, and an interactive search function will help IT departments generate productivity-enhancing applications.

 With Iron Speed Designer 5.0, application users are now able to automatically generate PDF reports from the data in their applications. PDF Reports use design themes so they look great without any customization. The reports incorporate the user-selected filter, search, and sort criteria, enabling users to e-mail and print filtered reports for others.

 Also new to version 5.0, generated application users may export data directly to Microsoft Excel, allowing application users to further analyze and manipulate application data in a spreadsheet. Application users can now e-mail application data to their colleagues for further analysis, including those who do not have access to the database application.

 The new interactive search feature helps application users quickly locate information in the generated application. Application users can type a partial word or phrase and a drop-down list of suggested matches is automatically returned. This feature is especially useful when an application user is not sure how to spell the name of the item they seek.

 Iron Speed Designer Version 5.0 runs on Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, and Vista, and generates .NET Web applications for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access. The generated applications may be deployed on any machine running the .NET Framework. Find complete information about Iron Speed Designer Version 5.0 at


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