iPaq NIC Driver Work-around for LinkSys WPC11

Compaq and Linksys both fail to list a fix for the use of the LinkSys Wireless NIC (WPC11) in iPaqs, new and old - At TechEd, after noticing how many folks were turned on by the .NET functionality being hyped by folks selling remote server admin software, I noticed a number of new LinkSys/iPaq users spending long, unproductive minutes with the CommNet support folks. Some of them had bought new iPaqs or new LinkSys WPC11 Cards, and they were frustrated by the lack of driver support. I told them that I had already found the solution on the web, days before... /// -- >> Install the drivers for Compaq's WL100 Wireless NIC. When the iPaq complains about the unrecognized NIC, simply type in WL100NDS.DLL, and voila! The NIC works! (It may take a couple of reinsertions of the NIC to make the error msg go away). Cheers!

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