Introducing Peter’s Data Entry Suite

Introducing Peter s Data Entry Suite

Peter s Data Entry Suite contains more than 70 ASP.NET Web controls designed around data entry. Its controls improve data entry and communication with the user by covering these aspects of data entry forms:

  • Data entry controls. 11 enhanced textboxes, including numeric, date, and time. Plus MultiSegmentDataEntry control, a Calendar, MonthYearPicker, and TimePicker.
  • Validation. A replacement for the ASP.NET validators, providing 27 validator controls. It overcomes limitations of the native controls, improving how you assist your users and eliminating most custom validation code.
  • Submitting the page. Enhanced buttons and ways to extend other submit controls with features like confirm messages, disable on submit, and enabling after the form is changed.
  • Interactive pages. Numerous controls and tools that respond as the user clicks or types, much like desktop applications. Includes interactive hints, enhanced tooltips, on-screen calculations, a text counter, and more.
  • Input security. Best practice security against SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting attacks.


Peter s Data Entry Suite is the result of merging Peter s two products, Professional Validation And More Suite and Peter s Date Package. This new suite complements other third-party suites and the controls of the AJAX Control Toolkit.


Old Name

New Name


Professional Validation And More Suite

Peter s Data Entry Suite

Suites of Web controls

VAM: Essential Validators

Peter s Professional Validation

Validation for Web forms

VAM: Data Entry Controls

Peter s TextBoxes

Textbox Web controls

VAM: Client-Side Toolkit

Peter s Interactive Pages

User interface for Web forms

VAM: Visual Input Security

Peter s Input Security


Peter s Date Package

Peter s Date and Time

Date/scheduling Web controls

Price: The suite is US$300 per production server, with no additional charges for non-production servers. It is also available in modules, smaller groups of the controls, at US$90 per production server. Technical support is free; there are no subscriptions.

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