InstallShield Professional 7 Now Available

InstallShield Professional 7 Now Available

InstallShield has announced InstallShield Professional 7, which offers you an installation solution for creating non-Windows Installer (MSI)-based software installations. InstallShield Professional 7 has more than 40 new features and enhancements, including source code control integration, automated update capabilities, and .NET support.


New update capabilities let you manage the entire update lifecycle from within a single tool. InstallShield Professional 7 offers a Media Wizard that creates software updates using advanced differencing technology. The wizard creates a difference file that contains only the changes between versions, reducing the size of each update. The file differences are then distributed as part of an update setup you create in InstallShield Professional 7, which includes an "update-aware" script allowing you to customize the update setup experience.


InstallShield Software Corp.

Price: US$1,199

Contact: (800) 809-5659; (847) 466-6000

Web Site:


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