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InstallShield 11 Makes Anti-Piracy Standard Part of Installation

InstallShield 11 Makes Anti-Piracy Standard Part of Installation

Macrovision announced InstallShield 11 now enables software companies to take advantage of anti-piracy benefits. Using InstallShield 11, software publishers can add licensing protection and access to the InstallShield Activation Service for their products at the same time they wrap them for installation. This capability is based on the FLEXnet Publisher technology.

   InstallShield 11 and InstallShield Activation Service allow small and medium-sized software vendors to implement an end-to-end activation solution instead of an extensive administration and development effort required for the full featured FLEXnet Publisher technology. Customers of InstallShield Activation Service also can upgrade to the full featured FLEXnet Publisher.

 InstallShield 11 also has added support for RPM and enhancing Assemblies. RPM support provides the ability to create professional installations into the Linux platform, or any platform that has RPM installed. InstallShield 11 s Collaboration Design feature cuts development time through the use of Assemblies (reusable modular components that can be incorporated into many different installations across platforms). InstallShield 11 also extends its server support beyond Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL to include Oracle and Internet Information Services 6. New Oracle support allows for easy connection to Oracle database servers and the ability to run SQL Scripts as part of the installation. Other enhancements in the new release include the support for Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 and InstallScript 64-bit applications.


Macrovision Corp.

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