The Imaging Source Releases TX Text Control Roadmap

The Imaging Source Releases TX Text Control Roadmap

Software component vendor The Imaging Source recently published its roadmap for the upcoming version of the word processing component family TX Text Control. Apart from the PDF/A support, the company announced a new concept for Web-based document viewing and forms processing.

 One of the new features of the components for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 is an extension of the existing Adobe PDF export. In version 15.0, TX Text Control is able to create and save ISO conforming PDF/A documents. In recent years, PDF/A has been getting stronger in the electronic archiving market. Using TX Text Control, PDF/A documents can be created automatically or converted from other supported formats.

 With the new roadmap, The Imaging Source announced a new concept for Web-based document viewing and forms processing in ASP.NET. Using TX Text Control 15.0, Microsoft Word-compatible forms can be displayed and completed in any browser. The completed form can be processed server-side, printed, or saved as an Adobe PDF document.

 The final version is planned for the second quarter of 2009. Interested users can start development with the current version of TX Text Control, because TX Text Control 15.0 will be backward compatible. For owners of a one-year subscription, TX Text Control 15.0 will be available free of charge when it is released. For more information visit

 All versions ship with unlimited free developer support. Users can download an evaluation version from

 The Imaging Source manufactures the TX Text Control line of software components to edit, convert, create, and modify standardized document formats, such as Office Open XML, DOC, and RTF. Documents can be edited directly in the browser, using the component s page view, or on the server, using document templates and data from a database. The resulting document can be exported to a number of formats, including Adobe PDF.


The Imaging Source, LLC

Price: TX Text Control .NET Standard, US$549 (update US$299); TX Text Control .NET Professional, US$1,149 (update US$599); TX Text Control .NET Enterprise, US$2,398 (update US$1,198), TX Text Control .NET Server, US$2,998 (update US$1,498).

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