Ideas on how to implement Surface Dial in your Universal Windows Platform Apps

Ideas on how to implement Surface Dial in your Universal Windows Platform Apps

When Microsoft held their Windows 10 event in New York City a couple of weeks ago the Surface Studio was the star of the show however, a small peripheral that was also unveiled that same day has the greatest potential to impact many more users and change the way we interface with applications on Windows 10.

Surface Dial, the small round cylindrical menu manipulating device, might be one of the biggest user interface breakthroughs since the mouse. It will be compatible with more than just the Surface Studio so it is a great opportunity for developers to begin bring its capabilities to their own Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

We have already shared with you how developers can started using new features that are expected in the Creators Update to Windows 10 and the Surface Dial. So the next step is to decide how you might implement this peripheral into your own UWP apps.

Microsoft has already partnered with several companies to bring the Surface Dial's capabilities to their own apps and the Surface team recently published a series of videos to show how those companies are integrating Surface Dial into their apps.

Inspiration can be rough to find and sometimes all that is needed is a catalyst to get the creative juices flowing so if you are looking for some of that then check out these videos of Surface Dial in these various apps.

Although each of these videos include Surface Studio and its unique capabilities for the Surface dial when it is used on the Studio's screen, it can also be used on the desktop alongside of Studio, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

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