HTC launches developer program, SDK

HTC launches developer program, SDK

htc_0Mobile device manufacturer HTC has announced a new program designed to support mobile developers along with plans to release a software developer kit for Sense, the user interface it features on Android phones.

HTC clearly is trying to make it more attractive and accessible for developers to create unique apps for its devices and differentiate them from the Android crowd. The developer program, called HTCdev, is meant to support developers with tools, resources and a like-minded community. The program will launch this summer, the company said. The program’s site also will give developers a direct link back to HTC to provide feedback.

The HTC OpenSense SDK will give developers the chance to create integrated mobile applications and experiences for HTC devices. The platform will give Android developers more capabilities on the company’s Sense 3.0 system, providing APIs and sample code for 3D display and the tablet pen. That release is also set for summer, in parallel with the launch of HTCdev.

Developers can sign up on the site now to be alerted when the Sense SDK becomes available.



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