Gurock Software Announces SmartInspect 3.0

Gurock Software Announces SmartInspect 3.0

Gurock Software released SmartInspect 3.0, a new logging tool for .NET, Java, and Delphi developers. The new release makes SmartInspect suitable for debugging and monitoring high-performance production systems, for working with test systems, and for end-user scenarios.
  SmartInspect is a logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java, and Delphi applications. It helps developers identify bugs and find solutions to user-reported issues, and gives them a precise picture of how their software performs in different environments. SmartInspect logging is flexible and can be used in the development phase, on production systems, or at customer sites.
  SmartInspect 3.0 comes with dozens of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that are directly based on customer feedback. This version introduces a new log server application (SmartInspect Router), a high-performance named pipe protocol for local live logging, asynchronous logging, the ability to encrypt log files, a redesigned and more flexible log rotation mechanism, a sort feature in the Console to merge multiple log files, various session related enhancements, and more.
  The new SmartInspect version can be ordered directly from Gurock Software s Web site. Existing customers with active support plans can download the new version from Gurock s customer portal for free. A 30-day fully functional trial version is available for download.
  Learn more about SmartInspect at and

Gurock Software GmbH
US$299 per developer.
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