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Google offers developers new tools and device for success

Google has launched a new Guide to the App Galaxy site, proving that Nokia — whose development execs have been offering to help developers build their businesses — isn't the only platform looking to grow its community with more well-rounded perks (MDP: Nokia's Kerris Works to Sell Devs On Windows Phone).

"Learn how to get your app discovered through promotion, earn enough money to quit your day job, measure your success, and evaluate your current flight path to ensure you're headed in the right direction," Google says on the site, which rather adorably designed with an Android-complementing space-and-rocket-ships theme.

There a four tabs: Promote, Earn, Measure and Evaluate.

Promote offers advice on how to get noticed, how to cross promote, mobile advertising options and other ways to "be scrappy" — aka, start hustling, by allowing social sharing, creating a press hook and tapping colleagues and friends to spread the word.

The Earn tab addresses the age-old question, "Now how do I make money?" with information about paid downloads, freemiums, monetizing with apps, and in-app purchasing — a strategy whose appeal is beginning to overtake paid downloads.

On to the Measure tab, developers are encouraged to install an analytics package. "You'll need to know how people use your app, who your heavy users are and why people uninstall it or give a poor rating." There are also tips on "engagement metrics" and building customer relationships.

Finally, the Evaluate tabs encourages a little reflection on the journey and how to iterate on an app and improve it. Like space, the Internet is pretty unlimited, is the suggestion. "You have infinite space to try new things, reinvent your business, take risks, and even make a few mistakes," says Google. Should you doubt these kind words, there are also success stories from Angry Birds creator Rovio Mobile and Brazil-based company Best, Cool & Fun Games.

Best news of all, it's not just for Android diehards.

"The App Galaxy by Google," states the site, "is designed to help app developers, regardless of platform, build a business on mobile — whether they've just launched their first app or are looking for additional tips as they grow their portfolio."

Ready for liftoff? Google indeed, is well on its well. During the third quarter, according to Nielsen, Android's market share rose to 43%, up from 39% during the second quarter. Apple's iOS, with consumers holding out for an iPhone 5 (or 4S, as it turned out) remained flat at 28%.

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