FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 4 Adds New Features

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 4 Adds New Features

FarPoint Technologies announced the release of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms version 4. This version adds new cell types, several UI enhancements, new import/export options (including support for Excel 2007), and new and enhanced APIs to enable even more customizations from the developer s side.

 New cell types include Barcode, with support for 10 barcode types, and Fraction in the Number cell type to display values such as 1/100 or .01. More UI enhancements add a new floating formula bar with range selection support, outline grouping, new cell note customizations, and enhanced text rendering.

 New import/export options add support for Excel 2007, Office Open XML, and PDF. This version also allows importing and exporting of images (bitmaps) with Excel. Also, developers can now enable an export view-driven version of data to Excel and import/export a validation list to Excel (with the combo box cell type). More on the new features and enhancements can be found at the product Web site at http://www.farpointspread.com/netproducts/spreadwin/whatsnew.aspx.

 FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms combines grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality, and includes the ability to bind to data sources; it works in any of several versions of the .NET Framework, including Microsoft s latest Visual Studio 2008 development environment. Product tours, introductory videos, and more detailed feature lists are available at the FarPoint Spread Web site.



FarPoint Technologies, Inc.

Price: Suggested retail price, US$999. Upgrades from previous versions of Spread begin at US$349. Add Yearly Maintenance to any upgrade package for an additional US$399. Yearly Maintenance includes all updates, major upgrades, e-mail, and forum support, and unlimited support calls for one year.

Web Site: http://www.FarPointSpread.com


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