Evorex Releases Evorex Source #

Evorex Releases Evorex Source #

Evorex Source # is a version control system that tracks all changes made to any piece of source code.

 Using Evorex Source #, all source files and SQL Server database objects are stored in one place. They can be edited, deleted, added, or otherwise manipulated. Source # also tracks these changes, so synchronization is unnecessary. Source # displays the differences visually in source code by highlighting the pieces of altered code side by side.

 Use the Visual Diff/Merge tool to view the differences between file versions. If several developers modified the same file, Visual Diff/Merge automatically merges the changes into a single file.

 Source # supports teams of remote developers via the Internet, but can be used for a LAN, as well. Source # has full Unicode support, and encrypted connection or SSL are supported. Source # also provides version control system functions, such as Check Out, Check In, Label, Branch, Copy, Move, Delete, and Restore.

 Source # works with Visual Studio.NET and comes with integrated tools for SQL Server administration with an advanced T-SQL editor. A free evaluation copy is available at the Evorex Web site.



Price: Starts at US$299

Web Site: http://www.evorex.com


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