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<st1:City><st1:place>Dundas</st1:place></st1:City> Chart for Reporting Services 2.0 Released

Dundas Chart for Reporting Services 2.0 Released

Dundas Software released version 2.0 of Dundas Chart for Reporting Services. In addition to the existing customization abilities, advanced features, additional chart types, and seamless integration, this release also includes an enhanced wizard with design-time data binding, design-time formulas, new 2D/3D visual effects, scale breaks, new chart types, and more.

 Dundas Chart for Reporting Services is available standalone or as part of the Dundas Dashboard Bundle (US$2,299), which includes Dundas Chart, Dundas Gauge, Dundas Map, and Dundas Calendar for Reporting Services. Visit the Dundas Web site for more information.


Dundas Software Ltd.

Price: US$1,999

Web Site:


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