DTM Migration Kit Available

DTM soft announced DTM Migration Kit, which automates the process of data migration. Simply set the rules for data migration using the program s wizard-like interface. The procedure must be performed only once, after which it will be done automatically. You can also integrate it with the Windows scheduling system to perform at scheduled intervals.

 DTM Migration Kit works with unified interfaces of ODBC and IDAPI, as well as with Oracle Call Interface. It is capable of importing data from plain text, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Paradox files, and DBF (dBASE and FoxPro) files, and exports data to plain text, RTF format (compatible with Microsoft Word), HTML, and XML. It also is capable of creating sets of SQL statements. The export of large binary objects is supported, as well.

 DTM Migration Kit is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available at http://www.sqledit.com/mk.


DTM soft

Price: US$125

Web Site: http://www.sqledit.com


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