Divelements Releases SandGrid V2

Divelements Releases SandGrid V2

Divelements Ltd. announced the availability of SandGrid V2. Now supporting Visual Studio 2008, SandGrid V2 enables developers to incorporate a powerful, versatile list control capable of displaying all kinds of data in tabular and hierarchical form into their applications.

 SandGrid is a flexible data presentation component. It encapsulates most of the common data presentation formats and exposes hooks for a great deal of control over its behavior. Its hierarchical nature means it can replace the ListView, TreeView, DataGridView standard .NET controls with a much faster and fully-featured interface, and extend your existing data presentation with a new level of richness and integration.

 SandGrid was designed from the ground up to be fully hierarchical in its content; every row supports child rows and even child grids, for relational data. These performance optimizations are pervasive throughout the product, so every operation is as fast as possible.

 This release brings a new, simplified SandTreeView control, embedded buttons and hyperlinks in cells, generic column and cell types, interactive multi-column sort, enhanced selection, more rendering styles, and greatly-enhanced design-time support for configuring data and groups.

 For complete details visit http://www.divelements.co.uk/net/controls/sandgrid/.


Divelements Ltd.

Price: US$349 per developer (discounted multiple licenses available)

Web Site: http://www.divelements.co.uk


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