DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 Available

DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 Available

Compuware released DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0. DevPartner Fault Simulator is a testing tool that enables developers to locate software defects in the error-handling code by simulating errors and monitoring the response in .NET applications. DevPartner Fault Simulator allows the developer to simulate both .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) faults and environmental faults in a safe, controlled environment. As soon as the error is detected and understood, the developer can fix the error, rebuild the application using Visual Studio .NET 2003 or Visual Studio 2005, and re-analyze the application using DevPartner Fault Simulator to validate that the error has been fixed. In addition, developers can create fault sets for use in regression testing and QA engineers can provide fault sets to developers for debugging problems that arise during testing. This new version strengthens its developer capabilities and adds new features for QA Analysts, further bridging the gap between development and test teams.

 DevPartner Fault Simulator can now be used independently of the Visual Studio development environment. This allows the QA tester to execute local and global fault sets created by developers, create and execute environmental exceptions, and report defects back to development via the Visual Studio Team System work item tracking system.

 Developers can now visually see where error handlers are needed in the application source code. Visible in the source window, DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 can now inform the user what exceptions can be thrown from any method call and automatically add the appropriate try..catch block template code to handle these exceptions.

 In addition, developers and QA engineers can now create and submit directly into the Team System Foundation Server defect-tracking tool error-handling code defect and call stack information found using DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0. Also, users can insert defect data directly from DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 into Team System Foundation Server without the need for re-typing detailed information.

 DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 has expanded support for .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 methods. DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 now also supports third-party managed assemblies, user-written managed code, and e-commerce applications.


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