DevExpress Releases LINQ-enabled Grid Controls

DevExpress Releases LINQ-enabled Grid Controls

Developer Express announced its WinForms and ASP.NET grids with LINQ support. Built for speed and minimal resource consumption, the ASPxGridView and XtraGrid allow developers to build high-performance Web and Windows applications that maximize the power of LINQ, Microsoft s Language Integrated Query technology.

 Prior to the release of these LINQ-enabled grid controls, advanced data-aware components for Visual Studio were simply unable to consume large datasets efficiently. Data analysis and mining operations such as grouping, sorting, summary computations, and filtering against large remote datasets would bring client machines to a crawl and make applications unusable.

 By delegating server-intensive operations to the database server, DevExpress grid products make possible what was previously far too time consuming or, worse, impossible.  To learn more about how to use DevExpress LINQ-enabled grid controls to create applications that perform well regardless of dataset size, visit


Developer Express

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