DEMEANOR Launched by Wise Owl

DEMEANOR Launched by Wise Owl

  New security threats arrive with the introduction of the .NET platform. Wise Owl, the developer of DEMEANOR, has identified these issues up front and launched the first and most thorough code obfuscator for .NET applications. The new DEMEANOR offers intellectual property protection, decreased application size, faster program loading, and easy integration with build processes.

  Two versions of DEMEANOR are available for the level of support needed: DEMEANOR for .NET Lite and DEMEANOR for .NET Enterprise Edition. The Lite edition performs symbol and metadata obfuscation, while the Enterprise Edition performs these functions as well as control flow obfuscation. Both versions protect .NET applications from serious security threats.


Wise Owl, Inc.

Price: Lite Edition, US$899; Enterprise Edition, US$2,499.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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