Description: Within this demo, the Remote Data Service (RDS) is used to access and download data from an Access table. This data is then bound to HTML elements on the client. From the client, the user can alter the data and send an update to the server.
Because multiple clients may be accessing the same data, the RDS must be able to manage conflicting updates (for example, if one user tries to update data that has just been updated by another). These conflicts are resolved and the client is notified of the records on which the conflicts occurred.

Through the ADO api, these records can now be retrieved and the user made aware of their failed update.

More Details
Because of server considerations, this demo cannot be run on this site and is available for download only. Remember, you must also register the Access table as a DSN on the server where it resides.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater to run this sample. You must also have access to a server that supports Active Server Pages.

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