Dalco Technologies Launches Qasper Organizer

Dalco Technologies Launches Qasper Organizer

Dalco Technologies announced the launch of Qasper Organizer, a Web-based software suite designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Qasper s suite of organization tools includes 20 modules that assist with CRM, project management, action and activity tracking, document management, and more. Because it s on-demand, users need only a browser to access it any time, from anywhere. You can also download the software to enable working off-line.

 Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Qasper s fully scaleable, feature-rich tools provide organization, connectivity, and productivity by managing and linking information about people, processes, and actions.

 Qasper solves many of the problems associated with on-demand applications by providing an unlimited user license, an offline version, fully controllable databases, and optional self-hosting. And through data mirroring, Qasper has a solution that enables everyone to continue working in the event of server breakdown.

 Qasper s suite of integrated modules includes: CRM, contact networking, data visualization, calendar and scheduling, opportunity, project, and client-file management, help desk and issue tacking, document management, actions and activity tracking, news reader, blog and URL manager, group manager, widgets, e-mail and appointment sync (desktop), Outlook contact sync, report designer (desktop), report file manager, custom queries, product management, order entry, catalog management, and import (desktop).

 An online demo is available at http://www.Qasper.com/qasper_online.htm.


Dalco Technologies

Price: Starts at US$370

Web Site: http://www.Qasper.com


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