Corgent Diagram and Launch

Corgent Diagram and Launch

Corgent Inc., a new subsidiary of Dundas Software Ltd., is the new home for Dundas Diagram for .NET, now known officially as Corgent Diagram for .NET.

 Being a full development framework and not a component, Corgent/Dundas Diagram was different from other Dundas products, and accordingly needed its own unique identity, best accomplished with a new name and dedicated site.

 This re-introduction benefits previous users of Dundas Diagram for .NET with additional resources, information, and detail on the benefits of using Corgent Diagram for .NET. The main deployments of Corgent Diagram, consisting of HMI Diagramming, Business/Relational Diagramming, and Specialized Diagramming, are also expanded to provide resources specific to customers needs.

 Previous users of Dundas Diagram for .NET can continue to use Dundas Diagram, or can download Corgent Diagram (with valid Maintenance Subscription). Both products can be used side-by-side, without complication. Dundas Diagram files can also be loaded seamlessly into Corgent Diagram.

 For any questions related to Corgent Diagram, contact the sales department at mailto:[email protected].

 For more information regarding Corgent Diagram for .NET, contact Ed Worsfold, Director of Marketing, mailto:[email protected].


Corgent Inc.

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