Compuware TestPartner 6.0 Available

Compuware TestPartner 6.0 Available

Compuware announced TestPartner 6.0 is generally available. TestPartner introduces a storyboard-based visual approach that makes testing accessible to non-technical application users, allowing them to capture test scenarios and facilitate the QA process. As always, VBA scripting is available to enable advanced users to meet even the most demanding test cases.


Here s what s new and improved in TestPartner 6.0:

  • NEW! Visual Navigator & Test: TestPartner s new Visual Navigator and associated visual test enables application users to collaborate with quality experts to document, build, and execute test cases through an intuitive visual, storyboard-based approach.
  • IMPROVED! Test Documentation: Instantly document test cases and results through new printing capabilities that highlight the textual test steps and associated screens.
  • NEW! Task-based Start Screen: Offers users guidance on how to get started, and provides convenient front-end to work on familiar tasks and collaborate with other team members.
  • IMPROVED! Extended Results Interface: Visual test users can see, intuitively understand, and analyze results through the new consolidated results view. Summary provides high-level information for team leads and managers, and highlights passes and failures.
  • NEW! Collaboration Capabilities: Users can flag, describe, and assign items of interest to facilitate communication, particularly in heterogeneous teams where application users, quality analysts, and developers need to work together.
  • NEW! Test Logic Toolbox: Visual test users can create advanced automation scenarios through a new test logic toolbox and associated designers that simplify the creation and addition of logic within test scenarios.
  • IMPROVED! Check Granularity: Validate individual item properties with the new verification feature for visual tests.
  • NEW! TPOSI Objects: New objects, methods, and properties are available to simplify a range of common tasks for VBA-based test scripts.
  • IMPROVED! Environments & Currency: TestPartner 6.0 extends environment support to include Internet Explorer 7.0 (also available through a TestPartner 5.6 SP), VMWare 5.5, and Uniface 9.1.
  • NEW! Online Tutorial: New users can familiarize themselves with the Visual Navigator and new visual test through an online tutorial.


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