Compuware Announces QALoad 5.5

Compuware Announces QALoad 5.5

Compuware released a new version of its performance testing solution, Compuware QALoad 5.5. This new release is designed to extend Compuware s enterprise performance testing capabilities by improving tester efficiency through wizard-driven automation and enabling a collaborative approach to improving application quality.

 QALoad is an automated load-testing tool for .NET, Web, Java, packaged ERP/CRM applications, and distributed environments. QALoad simulates thousands of users performing key business transactions against an application to ensure its performance and scalability prior to deployment. With QALoad, testers can quickly pinpoint problems, optimize system performance, and help ensure successful application deployment.

 New features and enhancements in QALoad 5.5 include the parameterization wizard, a rules library, an expert user for Web applications, enhanced remote monitoring for servers, and enhanced reporting.

 The new parameterization wizard simplifies the creation of rules, which define required modifications to data within a business transaction, greatly reducing the need for users to delve into any code during the scripting process. This automation improves tester efficiency, saving significant time and allowing testers to complete more testing and meet/improve application delivery timeframes.

 Rules created with the parameterization wizard can be managed in QALoad s Rules Library. They can then be shared and leveraged for use by the rest of the test team. This approach to scripting leads to consistency and accuracy of test assets and can involve more users in the performance testing of an application.

 QALoad 5.5 introduces an Expert User for improved diagnostics and root-cause analysis for troubleshooting performance bottlenecks. Timing of individual components can be broken down to detail the amount of time spent on the network and at the server, expediting the resolution of performance bottlenecks.

 QALoad users can correlate server metrics for SAP, WebLogic, and WebSphere with the overall performance of a test to improve root-cause analysis of performance problems in these environments.

 QALoad 5.5 now includes templates for analyzing results, low-level transactional analysis, and identification and analysis of poor performers.


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