ComponentOne Releases Studio Enterprise 2005 v3

ComponentOne Releases Studio Enterprise 2005 v3

ComponentOne announced the release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 v3, a component toolset for .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Devices, and COM. Among other updates to the complete line of components, the 2005 v3 release of Studio Enterprise adds new features to its .NET Framework-based tools, True DBGrid for .NET and Chart for .NET.

 New features for True DBGrid for .NET include advanced grouping ComponentOne extended the grouping functionality to support date ranges, date parts (day, month, year), alphabetizing, and custom grouping criteria; unbound data mode (developers can write code to add and remove rows, update cell values, and set the underlying data type, all without a data source); ComponentOne now supports gradients and alpha blending; like-valued cells can now occupy the same row span as the previous column; and ComponentOne added new properties to control the filter bar, border styles, and split dividers.

 New features for Chart for .NET include a new doughnut chart type; new presentation features and enhancements, such as run-time highlighting of plotted data; improved automatic data label creation and arrangement; axes now support superimposed values and value labels, which can now be interactive; new before/after events to facilitate custom data series drawing; alarm zones can now be rendered as ellipses or polygons; and statistical support has been added to the ChartDataArray object.

 The 2005 v3 release also includes new features and enhancements for .NET Framework-based products, including BarCode for .NET, XLS for .NET, PDF for .NET, Reports for .NET, Sizer for .NET, and Zip for .NET, as well as ComponentOne s ActiveX and ASP.NET products, VSFlexGrid Pro and WebReports for ASP.NET.

 Studio Enterprise includes over 110 components targeting all application layers, including Data, Presentation, Reporting, and Transformation.

 Current subscribers of Studio Enterprise 2005 will receive the ComponentOne .NET Framework 2.0 versions of ComponentOne tools as part of their yearly subscription.



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