ComponentOne Releases ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2

ComponentOne Releases ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2

ComponentOne released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2, the second release of Studio Enterprise this year. Studio Enterprise provides a complete suite of custom controls for Windows, web, and mobile application development.

New controls in V2 include seven new controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a number of Silverlight 3 controls, five new ASP.NET controls, and new features for Windows Forms users. Additionally, Studio Enterprise also includes iPhone, Mobile, and ActiveX controls.

Among the new WPF controls are gauge controls, which visually display data, and input controls, which showcase multiple data formats and add data validation. Controls for Silverlight 3 included in Studio Enterprise consist of grids, charts, gauges, maps, books, menus, treeviews, rich textboxes, layout panels, uploaders, and other basic UI and line-of-business controls. The ASP.NET controls include ProgressBar, FormDecorator, Upload, ToolTip, and ComboBox.

In the Windows Forms enhancements, Microsoft Office Excel for .NET users can now specify a formula for a cell with the XLCell.Formula property. ComponentOne has also enhanced SpellChecker for WinForms, so that users can now use the C1SpellChecker control to spell-check controls that derive from the WebBrowser class.

ComponentOne offers the full version of Studio Enterprise for $1,300 per developer. For more information, visit ComponentOne's Studio Enterprise page.

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