Code Tease


By David Riggs


Starting last year  we ve made the three most current issues of asp.netPRO magazine available free of charge in PDF format.


The PDFs replicate the print issues of asp.netPRO, including all text, graphics, and advertising as it appears in print. We even include links to advertisers Web sites. Providing a PDF of each print issue of asp.netPRO enables us to offer complete and timely access to the content. ASP.NET is a crucial component in Microsoft s .NET vision of interconnected Web services; asp.netPRO is the developer s premier resource for converting this vision into practical, running Web applications today. This delivery option provides yet another way ICG makes its ASP.NET-targeted content available.


However, the free PDFs can also be a bit of a tease if you re not a subscriber. Sure, each PDF provides complete access to all the articles, reviews, and commentary delivered in an issue of asp.netPRO magazine. But unless you re a subscriber, you still can t access the premium downloads those coveted code files that accompany many of the technical articles. Sure, you can read all about the tricks and techniques, but if you re not a subscriber, you can t access the code you need to complete the cool projects. And let s face it, much of the code available saves you valuable development time or provides just the control you ve been seeking.


As you may have guessed, we have a solution. To complement the free PDFs we are now offering an online-only subscription. Now you can get all the code for those articles that help you with your everyday development needs. A one-year online subscription to asp.netPRO magazine is only US$14.99, and includes complete access to the asp.netPRO Web site. Whether you ve gotten hooked on the free PDFs, bought asp.netPRO on the newsstand, or have budget constraints, you now have a viable option for getting access to everything asp.netPRO has to offer.


But that s not to say an online subscription is right for everyone. Many people prefer the hard-copy magazine; maybe they like to flip through each issue, have it open while they work on a project, or simply toss it in their briefcase to read on the subway or while in line at the bank. And certainly, one simply cannot soak in the tub while perusing our content online. Besides, if you re a subscriber you already have access to everything asp.netPRO has to offer.


However you like it, we offer it. After all, we aim to please, not tease. Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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