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Building B2B Applications with XML

This book offers a survey of the burgeoning technologies used in B2B (business-to-business) transactions over the Internet. In 10 chapters, the author discusses introductory XML concepts; transport mechanisms such as HTTP, SMTP, and FTP; and security considerations. Insight into working with B2B pioneers Commerce One and Ariba is offered, along with coverage of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and BizTalk (Microsoft's implementation of SOAP). The book closes with a checklist for building a simple B2B system. Java and XML code examples are presented throughout.


Since the book doesn't have a CD-ROM, the author repeatedly prompts readers to visit the companion Web site for code archives and updates on these rapidly developing technologies. Unfortunately, the book's link on the publisher's site is no longer valid. Searching the Wiley site only provided the opportunity to buy a copy of the book. Finding the author's personal site also failed to yield the much vaunted supplemental materials.


For the most part, the author provides credible explanations of complex technologies. Beginners won't learn enough to actually implement solutions, but the footnotes provide a comprehensive list of online resources. Despite the missing companion Web site, this book is still worthy of consideration if you're approaching B2B.


- David Ringstrom


Building B2B Applications with XML by Michael Fitzgerald, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,



ISBN: 0-471-40401-2

Cover Price: US$44.99

(310 pages)


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