BrowserHawk 8.02 Available

cyScape announced the availability of BrowserHawk 8.02. BrowserHawk allows Web developers to alleviate problems caused by differences in end-user browsers, settings, and system capabilities. Key BrowserHawk benefits include eliminating Web site abandonment, increasing Web-based sales and conversion rates, reducing support and maintenance costs, and maximizing Web site usability and impact. This update adds plug-in detection for Acrobat 7 and RealPlayer Enterprise 10, as well as other improvements.

 Key BrowserHawk features include the ability to easily detect: blocked pop-ups, browser service packs, and browser build information; disabled cookies, JavaScript, ActiveX controls, Java, and SSL; Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, and other plug-ins; screen size, available browser window size, color depth, text size, installed fonts, and style sheets; connection type and speed, SSL key sizes, time zone differences, and language settings; browser type and version, crawlers, platform, XML support, firewalls, and blocked ports; and Java settings, such as vendor, version, and the Java plug-in, and more than 120 other settings.

 BrowserHawk is available as a native .NET, COM, and Java component, which integrates seamlessly with classic ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion MX, JSP, and servlet-based Web sites. BrowserHawk is installed on the server side, and does not require any software to be installed on the visitor s machine.

 A free and fully-functional 30-day evaluation of BrowserHawk is available for download from the cyScape Web site.


cyScape, Inc.

Price: Standard Edition with one year support and maintenance, US$319; Professional Edition with one year support and maintenance, US$524; Enterprise Edition with one year support and maintenance, US$986.

Web Site:


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