Basic Date Picker Updated

Basic Frame announced the release of Basic Date Picker 1.1, an update of its calendar control that enables developers to add date picker calendar controls to their Web applications.

 Basic Date Picker combines Visual Studio.NET design-time integration, a JavaScript API, custom date formats, multiple display types, globalization, and customizable features. Basic Date Picker accepts and returns a DateTime object, eliminating the need to constantly convert to and from Strings.

 Using Basic Date Picker s point-and-click configuration you can customize your control without writing extensive code. Basic Date Picker includes six custom validator controls that integrate with ASP.NET s built-in validation framework.

 Designed for all levels of developers, Basic Date Picker supports zero-code customization, as virtually every aspect of the product can be modified using built-in Visual Studio.NET editors. For advanced developers, the object model allows complete customization from the source code. This release offers an expanded library of support documentation and code samples.


Basic Frame Inc.

Price: Domain License, US$85; Developer License, US$185, Team License, US$450; Enterprise License, US$850.

Web Site:


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