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Banner Maker Pro Version 6 Available

Banner Maker Pro Version 6 Available

GatorData, Inc. released Banner Maker Pro Version 6, a Windows program that creates Internet banner ads, buttons, and other Web graphics. Banner Maker Pro is designed for users who want to make Web graphics, but don t have time to learn complicated software.

 Banner Maker Pro uses a simple wizard-like interface to create professional-looking banners, buttons, and other Web graphics. Many options are available for creating simple-shaped buttons to multi-framed animated banners. Text manipulation features include angling text, arcing text, borders, shadows, gradients, and various 3D effects. Backgrounds can be colors, gradients, or any image.

 Version 6 includes a built-in jpeg and gif compressor to reduce the size of images so they load faster. New features also include image transparency, more than 200 new backgrounds and images, and many other updates and enhancements. Other major features include one-step animation and the ability to preview hundreds of variations of a banner or button with different backgrounds and fonts.

 Evaluation copies are available upon request. Screen Shots are available at


GatorData, Inc.

Price: See Web site.

Web Site:


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