Avinon Announces NetScenario Platform 1.2

Avinon Announces NetScenario Platform 1.2

  Avinon released NetScenario Platform Version 1.2, a product that tightly integrates with key Microsoft .NET products, including BizTalk Server, SharePoint Portal Server, and Visual Studio .NET.   The latest release combines NetScenario Platform capabilities for rapid, visual assembly of interactive Web-based processes with the enterprise Web Service infrastructure, tools, and integration functionality of .NET. The result is an end-to-end solutions platform that enables faster execution of online business strategies, greater competitive differentiation, and more responsive organizations that can adapt quickly to changing business needs.

  NetScenario Platform is an integrated business services assembly, deployment, and management framework, where a business service is defined as any market-facing business process made available over the Internet that engages and extends value to a company's core constituencies, including customers, partners, and employees. Enterprise customers use the NetScenario Platform to quickly compose and deploy branded business services through multiple online channels, including corporate or partner Web sites, enterprise portals, and rich e-mail messages.   Leveraging XML and a Web Services-based architecture, the Avinon software allows business domain experts to drive and co-create Web-based solutions while collaborating more effectively with IT professionals.


Avinon, Inc.

Price: Minimum configurations start at approximately US$125,000, depending upon the scope and utilization of NetScenarios deployed.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: http://www.avinon.com

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