AVIcode Announces Intercept Instrumentation Pack

AVIcode Announces Intercept Instrumentation Pack

AVIcode released Intercept Instrumentation Pack, an add-on component to the company s flagship product, Intercept Studio. Intercept Studio is a monitoring solution for .NET applications. It provides users with real-time alerts and detailed root-cause information for application failures, including coding errors, performance bottlenecks, and security and connectivity issues.

 Developed to extend the functionality of Intercept Studio, Intercept Instrumentation Pack enables users to integrate Intercept Studio root-cause information with users own application event information from available instrumentation libraries and from custom instrumentation. Intercept Instrumentation Pack currently supports the following libraries: ASP.NET Health, Logging Application Block (for .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0), and Exception Handling Application Block (for .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0). It also supports integration with custom application event logging.

 With the Instrumentation Pack, Intercept Studio users are able to better leverage their existing resource investment in instrumentation by incorporating this information with Intercept Studio-monitored information. This provides a single, unified format for viewing and correlating all application events.


AVIcode, Inc.

Price: Free to Intercept Studio users

Web Site: http://www.avicode.com


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